Advantages that digitization
Advantages that digitization

The advantages include the simplification of interaction between society and government structures, which significantly reduces the cost of such communication and more importantly boost the operation productivity. These advantages are quite vital because they benefit both the authorities and society, and it is easy to find a consensus between both parties.


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But what I want everyone to think about is that in the process of creation, you tend to have only one side of it, and you don’t have society. And the benefits of digitalization in most cases are only those that are acceptable to the authorities and do not harm the interests of the authorities, which, in my humble opinion, is fundamentally wrong.

Let’s take a look at a simplified model of a typical democratic system: the employer are the citizens of the country, and there are other members of the government they employ with their apparatus and other bureaucrats, security agencies, and other so-called public servants. There is a territory with subsoil belonging to the state and other stuff. In my view, the main beneficiary of the introduction of digitalization in the state should be society.  And these benefits should consist of the simplification and transparency of communications as well as control over the employer and following through on promises made before the election.

We often hear many interesting progressive messages in campaign manifestos, and as a result of the elected government’s actions, we as a society generally lack the tools of ownership over the resources entrusted to us, since we have transferred them to our employees.

Often, even in advanced democracies, there is no transparent spending over expenditures that was demonstrated before the election. In many ways, they explain at best why their promises could not be kept. The modern level of IT technology allows you to create software solutions that enable citizens to track flows of both incoming and outgoing funds in real time, understanding in what light the promises made by the ruling class and if they don't the KPI, you can replace them with those that are as close to fulfilling their obligations.

It is very important that the contract between society and the authorities can be easily controlled by both sides and that the people can exercise effective delegation of their authority. This approach, besides the above advantages, would save countries from putting populists in power.

Transparency in approaches to the assessment of power will not only quickly identify populists, but will also quickly replace them, which will encourage policymakers to think about the promises they make.

Interaction in society based on the transparency of engaging all elements of the system will also reduce the tax burden and increase the collection of taxes, simplify budget planning, and much more.

An important component of digital government software. 

Solutions are an anti-corruption approach that enables corporate areas of interaction to maximize the suppression of corruption or facilitate its detection and the punishment of its manifestations, which in turn will reduce the cost of public administration.

It is important to point out that responsibility should be mutual. Society should easily adequately and reasonably control the power in part of the obligations assumed. So, holding on to power should not be the most important thing during this process. The interaction between government and society takes place during the expression of will.

But it is a lengthy subject, and I will dwell on it in one of the following articles.

Trofim Eremenko CEO