What our specialist of Node Outstaff can do:

Node Outstaff
  • Write web pages in HTML and CSS, makes them dynamic and interactive with JavaScript.
  • Node Outstaff works professionally with Node.js tools for backend development. Knows software development methodologies, algorithms and data structures, architectural approaches.
  • Applies libraries and frameworks like Express.js, Nest.js. and knows how to work with Git version control system and GitHub.
  • Configures messaging between browser and server using WebSocket, optimizes the principles of client-server communication.
  • Uses PostgreSQL and MongoDB databases. Skilled in professional and accurate optimization of database queries.
  • Node Outstaff uses software to automate deployment and management of applications, such as Docker.
  • Works with REST APIs and writes unit tests, optimizes microservice interactions and solves performance issues.
  • Uses various software development methodologies, algorithms and data structures, architectural approaches.
  • Node Outstaff developers works with containers such as Docker or Kubernetes.

ITDT is ready to provide you with experienced Node Outstaff engineers on favorable terms.

Our Node Outstaff developers are responsible for scripting the logic of server-side web apps in JavaScript code. They develop backend components; connect the application with other web services. Node.js implements the "JavaScript for everything" paradigm, where instead of using different languages for the frontend and backend, one language is used.

Financial benefits of the Node Outstaff specialist on an basis

It is worth noting that the process of hiring employees is quite lengthy and time-consuming. At the same time, if you outsource, you can reduce the cost of:


Searching for a particular vacancy on Node Outstaff.

You can contact a specialized employment agency both to outsource your existing employees and to hire new ones. Most intermediary companies have a broad base of available employees. This way, you do not have to spend time and effort looking for the right people.

HR administration on Node Outstaff.

Since the employee does not work for you, you do not need to form his personal file, make out various certificates, sick leave, take it into account when submitting statistical reports and so on. In this way, the workload of the HR Department is considerably reduced (and so is the necessary salary for this service).

The payment of salaries and related taxes.

All this will be handled by ITDT.DEV's Human Resources Department.

You can thus save on your own personnel system and avoid unnecessary paperwork for highly specialized tasks in your business. Node Outstaff  - is our specialty.

Large companies that use Outstaff can reduce their costs for these items by up to 5 times. Most companies turn to such a service precisely because they are looking for an additional financial benefit.

Some features of hiring a Node.js developer under Outstaff

  • Solving problems with staff constraints. And it doesn't matter why you can't increase the number of your own employees (corporate policy doesn't allow, increasing the number of employees will lead to the fact that you can't stay on the simplified taxation system, and so on). By outsourcing, you can quickly attract the right number of employees, without increasing your formal headcount;
  • Increase the flexibility of staff management. Node Outstaff specialists hired in this way already have all the necessary skills to perform the task at hand. In addition, you can concentrate on your core business by shifting secondary tasks to the outstaffer;
  • No need to deal with regulatory agencies. Since the employees are not in your name, the outsourcing company is responsible. This includes the timely payment of wages and deductions from it. This way, you will not incur any penalties and fines related to it.

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