The fashion industry plays a key role in the development of the world economy. The fashion industry is quite a complicated one due to global economic issues, constant changes in fashion trends and style as well as price regulation. This is why companies introduced a set of incentives tasked to enhance the pace of the market, and sustain growth at the core of their brand design policy.

Among the obvious difficulties faced by all fashion brands is the inability to meet customers' needs. Consumer role has moved from merely passive scrutiny to dominant giants.

Customers are not content with just buying fashion cloth from top companies anymore. The emergence of digital technology has been influential to the society in general. They prefer to interact, feel a sense of belonging and be influential to the brands they patronize. Enlightened and in control, what interests them is how they look in public and on social media. Most fashion consumers are users of digital technologies. This means that being a tech-savvy company can no more be identified as a lone business. It will rather be highly essential to the development of B2C relations.

Traditional Businesses with outdated technology are judged by the standard being set by their digital counterparts.

For them not to go obsolete, traditional businesses are forced to move from being focused on the brand and instead become a business that shapes their design around customers' needs.

How is digital Transformation essential to fashion?
  • Digital transformation promotes the adaptability of online and on-site shopping for contemporary consumers
  • Digital Technology solution promotes the alignment of teams inside the fashion company
  • Renovates the traditional process for sustainability.
  • Enhances the growth of the fashion industry supply chain.
The main objective of Digital transformation in the fashion industry is that promotes the development of solutions necessary for combating long-time challenges.

The main objective of Digital transformation in the fashion industry is that promotes the development of solutions necessary for combating long-time challenges.


One of the major trends of sustainability in the fashion industry is reselling. There are so many benefits of reselling both to the industry and the planet in general. For a brand or company to move in this direction, there has to be some implementation of digitalization. Reselling as a form of solution requires certain key factors for its operation ↓


IT technology: Smartphones and PC

Consumer personal details

Website or a third-party platform

Social Media

Collaborative consumption. What is it?

This is the process whereby online platforms develop new patterns of design and good reselling. This business model consists of renting, sharing, and gifting goods and services via digital platforms like applications or websites.

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In order to be recognized as a reputable second-hand brand, 

  • The brand must develop a strategy that will restructure its online activity and presence
  • Brands must also implement technological solutions that ensure transparency of goods for the customers.
  • The brand must analyze data on previous and unsold merchandise

Advantages of Digital Transformation to the fashion industry.

  1. Social media; Social media has helped to strengthen relationships between customers and businesses, and it has also fortified the company’s identity.
  2. E-commerce; Its continued emergence has increased the accessibility to the appealing online store which has reduced the number of walk-ins in physical shops
  3. Offline shopping; Digital transformation can assist in the development of digital solutions in offline stores that can help meet customers changing demands.
  4. Team positioning and development; With the help of digital transformation, team alignment and development are all relative to changes in attitude and communication.
  5. Value chain; Through digital; transformation, the value chain can increase customer satisfaction, productivity, etc.  
  6. Promotion of diversity: Digital transformation has helped to boost diversity in the fashion industry with the help of virtual clothes etc

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