Target Audience

We are the ITdt development team

and we are involved in the precise definition of your target audience as part of our discovery phase projects. By fine-tuning the potential audience of your business, we are able to minimise the resources spent on advertising and organisational activities, as well as to optimise all the processes of your business.

Below are some ways we can identify you Target Audience.

  1. Analyse customer database
  2. Conduct client's interview
  3. Identify who isn't you target
  4. Conduct market research and utilize competitors' data.
  5. Optimize processes with our IT solutions.

One of the main benefits.

One of the main benefits of identifying your Target Audience is that, it provides you with a clear project vision. Understanding your target audience provides you with the opportunity to set a clear project plan during the discovery phase by providing you with the necessary blueprint of how to execute your project.

Which is why, when you want to create an IT project or solution, IT is important to analyse how highly demanded the solution is on the market. This process provides you with a clear approach and goal on what exactly you want to create. In order for you to have the comprehensive understanding of what your audience wants and needs, requires not just asking of their opinions or suggestions. It also involves the careful studying of their actions, behaviour and emotions and the implementation of this information into the solution. In order to achieve the best outcome, it is highly advised to avoid the assumption that you understand audience generally. The best option is to indulge them by asking questions and opinions. This will allow you to gain a perspective if their expectations and needs.