Digitalization HR
What do we mean by Digital Transformation in the HR Industry?

Digital transformation in HR can be defined as the implementation of digital human resource tools and policies for the improvement of the hiring process and employee experience in general. The application of digital transformation to operations has transformed how organizations conduct internal business. Software and digital tools have taken over the analog way of operations. Which means less paperwork, and fast accessibility to required data. Below are notable digital solutions used by Human resources.

  • Human analytics
  • Automation
  • Human resources chatbots
  • Onboarding application.

Guide on how to Start
your HR digital transformation.

Transforming the HR industry fully digital isn't an easy task, we admit. In order to achieve this goal, one has to put in a lot of time, effort, and strategic planning. But then we are not going to scare anyone and say it is a complicated task because it isn’t.  Below are 6 critical stages of the HR Digital transformation that you are advised to start with.

    This first stage is the genesis of your company’s digital transformation. The business has chosen to convert its manual HR operations to digital by making use of digital technologies, for example, HR tools, software, etc.
    After successfully convincing the management of the need to embrace digital technology in HR, you must now focus on business strategies and ideas on how to bring it to life.
    Since you have a better understanding of the business, it is only normal for you to understand which digital solutions are required for your business. 
  • PLAN:
    Launch your Digital HR policy. Start corresponding with other groups and gather the necessary data. You can now use all this information to build your business guide.
    Gather a team that will be tasked with delivering the business objectives. 
    In the closing stages of this process, you are already maximizing the advantages of digital transformation. It has become a way of operating your business, and you will keep on using and exploring it.

Obstacles that you might face during the digital transformation process

It is pretty clear we require digital transformation for almost everything these days, but what about the obstacles? There is a saying that goes, “if you are going to do something, do it well” Below are some of the challenges that businesses face during the process of Digital Transformation;

  1. Absence of a clear business objective for digital transformation
  2. The unwillingness of investors to invest in digital transformation 
  3. Insufficient capital to execute the digital transformation process.
  4. Shortage of experts required to lead and deliver the digital transformation project
  5. Absence of activity, upgrading from analog to digital solutions

These challenges are customary and resolving them requires the full attention of the HR department. If you are looking to go fully digital with your business, connect with us today at ITDT technologies for a free consultation.

When we talk about Digital Transformation, the opportunities and advantages it offers can’t be overstated. Whether it's the transportation industry or any other industry for that matter, Digital transformation has made business operations easier and more effective. Another industry that is maximizing the opportunities digital transformation presents is the Human resources industry.
Research has stated that if a business implements adequate digital solutions to its HR department, workers can save up to 12% of their time. The professional team at ITdt can implement modern technology solutions to your business enterprise. Get in touch now to schedule a free consultation in human resources industry.