Android Outstaff

What our Android Android Outstaff can do

He specializes in the development of software, which is operated on the Android platform, including applications for:

  • Smartphone - from an alarm clock to a robust online shopping platform.
  • A smart TV with the choice of programmes and the option to be connected to online services.
  • A smart watch capable of scanning your heart rate or displaying notifications from your social networks.
  • Retail equipment, for example, a device that can read barcodes or help with stock-taking.
  • Automobiles - from multimedia to individual automated handling functions.
  • Smart devices: sensors and smart electronics.

ITDT is ready to offer some of the most experienced android developers in the market on favorable terms of Android Outstaff.

What does our Android Outstaff specialist
know and can do?

Android Outstaff developer can write code clearly and understandably for others, write documentation competently, and optimize correctly. Applies the principles of object-oriented programming - writing code as a group of related objects.

It is a development environment that allows our Android Outstaff developers to customize the product interface, set its logic and write the code inside it. It is supported by Google and is a fundamental tool for Android mobile application developers - like Word for a journalist or Photoshop for an artist. Often our outstaffed Android developer needs not only to program but also to describe the appearance of the application interface. To do this, we use a special tool for communicating the application's appearance via the internet - XML (Extensible Markup Language).

A framework is a ready-made carcass, the initial template, which our Android Outstaff developers use as the basis for creating an application. There are frameworks for Android, such as React Native. The developer professionally applies the functions and principles of the Android operating system, handling user requests and file storage.

Our Android Outstaff developers usually write Android code in a team and gradually, rather than in one go. By today's standards, a distributed version control system, Git, is used for such work. The largest service for this is GitHub, and we actively use it in our routine work.

Most of the applications we develop work with the Internet in one way or another - they receive information from the server, connect to databases and other applications and services, allow users to exchange messages. Our Android Outstaff developers optimize work with HTTP and different APIs.

Organizing the navigation between screens, creating an ecosystem within the application, working out its structure and operating logic - often all this has to be done by our Android Outstaff developers. An app needs to be fast, smooth, and consume a minimum amount of resources. To do this, it needs to be able to optimize individual components so that animations are drawn quickly, battery life is prolonged, and Internet traffic does not go into space because the app is doing unnecessary work.

The financial benefits of outsourcing to an Android Outstaff Developer

Large companies that use outstaffing can reduce their costs for these items by up to 5 times. Most companies turn to such a service precisely because they are looking for an additional financial benefit. It is worth noting that the process of hiring employees is quite lengthy and time-consuming. At the same time, if you outsource, you can reduce the cost of:

Android Outstaff benefit
Searching for a particular vacancy.

You can contact a specialized employment agency both to outsource your existing employees and to hire new ones.

Most intermediary companies have a broad base of available employees. This way, you do not have to spend time and effort looking for the right people.

Android Outstaff benefit
HR administration.

Since the employee does not work for you, you do not need to form his personal file, make out various certificates, sick leave, take it into account when submitting statistical reports and so on.

In this way, the workload of the HR department is considerably reduced (as well as the necessary salaries for this service).

Android Outstaff benefit
Payment of salaries and related taxes.

ITDT.DEV’s human resources department will handle all this.

You can thus save on your own personnel system and avoid unnecessary paperwork for highly specialized tasks in your business.

Some features of hiring an Android developer through outstaffing

  • Dealing with staff constraints. Moreover, it does not matter why you cannot increase the number of your own employees (corporate policy does not allow it, increasing the number of employees will make it impossible to stay on the simplified taxation system, and so on). By outsourcing, you can quickly attract the number of employees you need, without increasing your formal headcount;
  • Increase the flexibility of staff management. Specialists hired in this way already have all the necessary skills to perform the task at hand. In addition, you can concentrate on your core business by shifting secondary tasks to the outstaffer;
  • No need to deal with regulatory agencies. Since the employees are not in your name, the outsourcing company is responsible. This includes the timely payment of wages and deductions from it. This way, you will not incur any penalties or fines in connection with this.

Find out how much an Android Outstaff developer outstaffing costs.