The Tourism sector was among the biggest losers when the pandemic struck. Considered to be ahead when it comes to sectors known for digitalization. To this day, the Tourism sector still applies digital technologies to every stage of its business operations. According to research, it is estimated that between 2016 and 2025, the implementation of digitization in the tourism sector will reach $305 billion.

First, Digital transformation can be defined as the phenomenon of converting from analog ways of operations to digital ways. Due to scientific evolution, all sorts of digital solutions are developed day-to-day. Through digital solutions, businesses can analyze data efficiently as well as understand the demands of consumers.[BR]The same goes for the Tourism sector. digital technology has assisted organizations in the development of digital solutions that can be used to manage the daily activities of the travel industry. Customers can research and choose their vacation destination easily, pick their preferred means of transformation as well as find accommodations that fits their budget

Why is digitalization crucial
to the tourism industry?

The implementation of digital transformation not only provides customer satisfaction but also helps in curbing spending, extension of the level of information impact as well as opportunity to breach new markets. For them to stay relevant, it is advised that the tourism industry embrace fresh technological ideas that connect with societal demands which will help boost financial productivity. The additional rise in the number of customers that utilize online booking systems helps to reduce crowdedness at the tourism centers, and lower the price of tour guides and middlemen. Furthermore, it is cost-efficient to develop mobile applications that integrate, customer engagement, sales, and sharing of useful data to widen the options available but at the same time meet the smartphone user’s demands. Mobile applications developed solely for tourism authorize remote control for any case during the sales process.

Responsibility of Digital Technology to the Tourism sector.
Digital technology in tourism serves as;
These days, a typical tourist expects customized offers from the tourism center. For example, a tourist would want
  • Faster and optimized search engines for tourism research.
  • Healthy price listings that can help enhance leasing but also cost-effective.
  • Mobile and PC Application.
  • Web Sites.
  • Social Media.

These are places that operate with interactive supervision to boost customer experience via digital solutions.

The smart destination concept was coined from the project smart city. This means applying digital solutions in tourist locations to improve the standard of services rendered. Additionally, by implementing smart destination, cities can develop ways of promoting innovation in tourism locations.

Digitization in the tourism industry has functioned as a relationship between tourists and tourist centers.

By maximizing the benefits of digital solutions to their business, the travel agency will be able to stay relevant in their sector. As it stands now, companies are making use of digital solutions like data analysis, Machine learning to boost brand awareness, reduce spending and make reaching new markets a lot easier.



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  1. Tour reservation phase; With the help of Digital solutions, customers can now analyze their options before traveling. For example, tourists can use travel search engines to research countries, hotel conditions, means of transportation, etc. to pick their preferred destination. Without the use of digital technology, they can’t achieve this
  2. Trip purchasing stage; Digitalization has helped to transform the way tourist purchase tickets for travel. Not only that, even reserving hotels can be done online now. Tourists can use travel search engines to find the best rates on offer.

Travel phase; Travelling has become easy ever than before due to the application of digital technology. For example, the different means of transportation available are all thanks to the development of technology and not only that, with the help of social media. Tourist can now share their traveling experience firsthand without any filters. This result in the acquisition of more customers if of course, the feedback is positive and vice-versa if it isn’t

Key Digital solutions developed Digital transformation.

  • Booking application; Digital solutions have made the reservation of tickets much easier and faster. It has also made the reservation of hotels or cars much easier.
  • Travel search engines; With the creation of search engines for tourists, tourist can now pick their preferred travel destination while also reducing costs.
  • Budget planning apps; Tourists can make use of the financial app during travel if they need to convert currencies.
  • A-R Guides; Augmented reality guides can essential to tourists. Usually comes in the form of apps.
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